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In recent decades, social norms for sexuality have passed through a dramatic shift. Sex without commitment or even connection, one night stands and casual encounters broke out of student dorms to became a nearly-common form of relationships.

Although hookups are not a new entrant in the field of psychology and sociology, they have now turned to a specific culture and so deserve to be discussed and vindicated of outdated prejudice.


Factual and Linguistic History: What is a Hookup and Where did It Come From?

Hooking up is having sexual intimacy with someone who is not (and not supposed to be) your significant other.

Uncommitted sex became more frequent in 1920s with the development of novel entertainment for younger people. The second milestone is in the 1960s when the rise of feminism and overall sexual liberation made hookups a defiant, but not very surprising way of managing one’s love life. And the 2000s have increased the role of sex both in popular culture and in everyday life, so no strings attached encounters became socially acceptable and (due to the internet) accessible for almost everyone.

As for the linguistic part: back in the year 2000, the word “hookup” was common for teenagers and meant any sex-related experience starting with kissing and petting. While their parents were hardly aware of the meaning and of course have never used the word. As the kids grew up, went to colleges and into adulthood, “hookups” went all the way from youth-led slang to a common widely used word.

Are Hookups Good for Students Only?

At first hookups and casual sex experiences have indeed been common for college campuses and have mainly been fueled with alcohol.

But today casual sex and hookup culture has grown out of the old social boundaries. People of all ages have their primal urges and want them satisfied – now, not in another 5 years when they meet someone who might become their significant other. Marriage is no longer mandatory for a successful person. The lifestyles are now very quick. So adults do have no strings attached sex not being romantically involved and not being exposed to alcohol. Hooking up is a normal thing and a literally and figuratively sober choice of adults in 2018.

Hookups vs. Casual Sex: What’s Considered Best?

Casual sex entails rare intimate encounters with the same person. It’s a kind of palliative for conservative people: they do have a consistent partner, but are not forced to fake any feelings and committed relationship. It’s all pure physical.

Hookups are one-time encounters without any further contacts and compared to casual sex they involve much more fun, excitement and new experiences. So no wonder casual sex is now mostly replaced by hookups. The first is nothing but sex. The latter is an interesting adventure and a special way of life, or better say, of love life.

How did Internet Change It All?

Internet has contributed a lot to popularization of the hookup culture.

You weren’t sure where to find hookup partners or thought the process to be time-consuming? Now you have dating sites and apps full of people in the search of fun uncommitted sex.

You were worried on your safety? Now internet relieves the pressure.

  • Dating sites and apps verify users and you can stalk on your future partner’s social media accounts and easily research his or her background.
  • Internet offers multiple options for communication. You can have an online chat, a video chat or a whole bunch of chats prior to meting up.
  • If you are still not sure about a meet-up, try sexting hookups. It’s an 100% safe way of satisfying one’s primal urges. You get all the fun without even leaving home.

What to Make of It?

Of course, love, commitment and long-term relationships will always be there. But today they are not mandatory for dating and having sexual pleasure. Hookups are another normal option of enjoying yourself and you can choose what’s best for you.

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